How do I use Markdown?

"Markdown" is programming lingo for adding different kinds of emphasis to the text in your PDFs and Blog posts. We've created shortcuts that allow you to bold, italicize, underline, and hyperlink your text to help you make your point. Just surround the words in the characters shown after the "=" signs below:

  • italics = *italics*
  • bold  = **bold**
  • bold italics = ***bold italics***
  • strikeout = ~~strikeout~~
  • underline = __underline__
  • underline italics = __*underline italics*__
  • underline bold = __**underline bold**__
  • underline bold italics = __***underline bold italics***__

Want to add a clickable text link to your posts so that a client can click the words to get where they're going instead of a long and ugly URL? It's easy! Just surround the words in brackets [Mentor & Muse] followed immediately by the URL in parenthesis ( which done correctly will look like this:

[Mentor & Muse]( - Your clients will see:  Mentor & Muse